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Group Blog Recap

April 25, 2010 Leave a comment
This week I tried to think of something that I could create that the blog really needed.  We are always trying to write more and more reviews of locations but there has never been a way to organize them so I decided to make a map.
I posted the Google map on the blog and then also created a “Reviews” page that will serve as a permanent home.  Hopefully this will make it a lot easier when people are looking for specific reviews or are just seeing what the blog has to offer.
I also wrote another edition of “Living Cheap” which concentrated on air conditioning since it is getting warmer.  I’m really pleased that I have been able to keep the department going for so long now.
Next week, I’m going to continue “Living Cheap” and hopefully come up with another idea that will help organize or promote our blog more.  It might be time for a Move-in Morgantown facelift too.  The right frame on the site looks a little cluttered the last time I saw.