Scanning this blog too!

March 25, 2010 Leave a comment

I just posted on my other blog, Move-in Morgantown, that I am going to try to promote it using a QR code and I just couldn’t leave this one out!

In short, QR codes will lead people directly to something (text, URL’s, phone numbers, etc) just by scanning them on your smart phone so I’m experimenting with the idea.

Copy, paste, copy, paste and help me promote Facespacing using an innovative new tool!

Scan me!!

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Group Blog Recap #2

March 21, 2010 Leave a comment
This week was definitely a little more challenging than last week concerning my group blog, Move-in Morgantown. I had two ideas that I was going to pursue (dorms for upperclassmen, and a student buying a house) but wasn’t able to interview either of the parties for the stories.
Luckily, I was able to start a new department, “Living Cheap,” that I hope to continue as a weekly column and concentrate on “Staying Healthy in a Dorm” instead.  I was in great shape once I began these two posts but it took me a little bit of time to change gears from my initial ideas.
Next week I plan to keep “Living Cheap” alive and also to finish the story about a student who is buying a house.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to get the interview and follow through with my idea.

Andriod Speedometer Application

March 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Since I got my new phone set up in February, I’ve been playing with a lot of the Android applications and I’ve found a few that stand out from the rest.

Of course there’s the Pandora Radio application, which recently entertained me all the way to Philadelphia.  You should also check out Foursquare, an app that has turned mundane errands into a bragging rights competition.

While those are neat, neither has impressed me as much as the Speedometer application.  I downloaded this little gem on the ski slopes one day to see how fast I was actually going (56 mph if you’re wondering) and have loved it ever since.

But don’t let the name fool you.  Speedometer is much more than just the simple gage on your dashboard.

This application is a full-blown GPS with all of the bells and whistles.  It automatically charts your elevation and speed and places your tracks directly on Google Maps for reference.

With all of your track information, the application also gives you exact calculations for average speed, pace, distance, altitude and duration just to name a few.

The thing that blew me away was the accuracy that was available using my phone as a GPS.  I never thought my phone would be able to rival an actual GPS, but in my opinion, it definitely does.

One tool I haven’t explored yet is the upload tool.  It allows you to upload your tracks to your computer which gives you the ability to compare and chart progress.

The amount of features packed into this application is pretty impressive and I would definitely recommend it to other Andriod users.

Courtesy of SportsTrackLive

Courtesy of SportsTrackLive

Courtesy of SportsTrackLive

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Twittering Recap: SMC #7

March 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Coincidently, Twitter entered my life just a few weeks before this assignment.  I had an account for over a year and had used it maybe twice (which is how the majority of people use it).  So, I heard a lot of people talking about their experiences on Twitter and decided to join in with a brand new account.

Since then Facebook has become obsolete.  I sign on to Facebook under five times a week but usually am on Twitter five times a day.  The main reason for this is accessibility.  Twitter works so much better a on my phone nd is much easier than Facebook so I find myself tweeting a lot more.

I’ve also found that I communicate with people in a meaningful way more on Twitter.  Facebook didn’t foster the same kind of conversations that I am having on Twitter for some reason.  Maybe FB is just becoming a little stale after ruling my computer for so many years.

I think my next step on Twitter is raiding some people’s lists and following more twitterers.  I’m still adjusting to everything so haven’t tried to follow everyone on the planet yet but I’m sure I’ll get there.  Hopefully I can keep the conversation going.

By the way, for anyone who is interested… Follow me! @evancmo

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Group Blog Recap #1

March 15, 2010 Leave a comment

This week was especially interesting because we had to get our new blog, Move-in Morgantown, off the ground and running.  Doing this took a lot of communication and organization between group members.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever sent that many emails over such a short period of time before.

After the blogging began and things calmed down, I wrote reviews on The Augusta and The District, apartment complexes in Morgantown.  I was actually surprised at how much research this took because there are many things that the landlords keep hidden.  This took some time sifting through leases and agreements and reading all of the fine print.

I also tried adding polls into those posts but so far no one has used them.  I’ll try to figure out a way to become more interactive in these posts (maybe polls aren’t it).

This week I think I am going to take a break from the reviews and post about two other subjects I found interesting.  I know of a student who is buying a house and also want to look into why upperclassmen live in dorms after freshman year.

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Let’s Get Real

March 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Last Wednesday, a body was found of a 41 year-old man, Richard Code, who attempted surviving in the Ontario wilderness with minimal supplies.  He apparently planned to use the information he had learned from the popular Discovery Channel show, Survivorman, to make it through the trip.

He left behind GPS coordinates with his landlady who reported his absence after he did not return on the expected date.

A lot of people will undoubtedly blame Les Stroud, the host of Survivorman, for misinforming and misleading Code and the public but is that a fair reaction?

In a world that prefers reality shows to reality, it is not surprising that there is a breakdown between the two.  Unfortunately in this case, instead of spray tans and gelled hair from the Jersey Shore, Code was dealing with a legitimate life and death situation.

I believe that Stroud has been responsible throughout the making of his show and has given the audience adequate warning that, while his show is entertaining, the act of surviving in the wild is not.

I see Survivorman as more of a survival brochure than a resource.  In a brochure you can read what is expected in a survival situation, but you don’t actually gain any concrete knowledge or, more importantly, experience.

Instead of using Stroud as a scapegoat in this situation, maybe we should realize that television does not and will not replace years of education and experience gained in the outdoors.  As a society, we need to start using television for what it really is – entertainment not reality.

Morgantown Winter Over?

March 6, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s a pretty cool thing to see an entire city take a collective deep breath at the same time.

That’s what we have been doing for a few days now in West Virginia as the temperatures creep above freezing and the sun finally proves that it’s still there.

With arms blocking the harsh sun from our eyes, we emerged from our burrows where we have been hiding for the better part of the past wintry months.

Okay, well maybe it wasn’t quite that drastic, but many are welcoming the change of weather.

All over town, people are running, cleaning cars and just walking around outside – activities that have been neglected since the “snowpocalypse” occurred.  And, even for a self-proclaimed winter lover, it is a nice change and looks like it will be a little warmer in the near future.

But is winter over?  I doubt it.

Sure, it’s pretty nice outside now, but if I know Morgantown winters, we’re not quite done.  I’m not saying we are in for another three feet of snow, but I won’t be surprised if we need our scarves and hats once again.

I just wanted to get my projections in early…