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Drinking and Eating Optional

March 26, 2010 Leave a comment

All ultra light backpackers and caffeine addicts out there rejoice!  Coffee is now inhalable!

Wait… what?  Sorry, my fingers were just confused after typing that.

I thought the French would never be able to outdo the Statue of Liberty, but I stand corrected.

Courtesy of

Artscience Labs have developed inhalable coffee and chocolate which is great news for anyone who thinks drinking and eating is too hard but bad news for anyone who doesn’t want to be grossed out.

Here’s a clip from The Colbert Report featuring LeWhif and his less than impressed reaction.

Getoutdoors blog realized that though some ultralighters might not be so concerned about taste as much as weight though.

I consider myself a pseudo-ultralighter but don’t think I could ever go this far.  Drinking coffee and eating chocolate are two things I’m not willing to give up quite yet.  Are you?


The AT in the AL?

February 21, 2010 Leave a comment

One of the most storied trails in the United States may be getting an extension in the near future.

Last week, the Alabama State Legislature instated the Alabama Appalachian Mountain Trail Commission which will be in charge of getting the AT into the AL.

The (simple) argument behind the extension is that the Appalachian Mountains continue into Alabama and thus, the trail should also.

So why does the state legislature now care?

I would argue they wouldn’t mind adding the AT to their outdoor tourism website.

Springer Mountain, GA (the AT’s southern terminus) is a tourist attraction and an economic boost to the area.  Thousands of people being their trek to Maine at Springer each year and I bet Alabama wants a piece of the pie.

Of course, it would be a source of pride for Alabama to be included in the number of states which the AT runs through, but tourism money talks loud these days.

In addition to finishing the construction of the trail through Alabama, Congress will have to vote on the matter as well.  I bet you won’t see any representatives from Georgia backing that bill.