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Twittering Recap: SMC #7

Coincidently, Twitter entered my life just a few weeks before this assignment.  I had an account for over a year and had used it maybe twice (which is how the majority of people use it).  So, I heard a lot of people talking about their experiences on Twitter and decided to join in with a brand new account.

Since then Facebook has become obsolete.  I sign on to Facebook under five times a week but usually am on Twitter five times a day.  The main reason for this is accessibility.  Twitter works so much better a on my phone nd is much easier than Facebook so I find myself tweeting a lot more.

I’ve also found that I communicate with people in a meaningful way more on Twitter.  Facebook didn’t foster the same kind of conversations that I am having on Twitter for some reason.  Maybe FB is just becoming a little stale after ruling my computer for so many years.

I think my next step on Twitter is raiding some people’s lists and following more twitterers.  I’m still adjusting to everything so haven’t tried to follow everyone on the planet yet but I’m sure I’ll get there.  Hopefully I can keep the conversation going.

By the way, for anyone who is interested… Follow me! @evancmo

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