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Morgantown Winter Over?

It’s a pretty cool thing to see an entire city take a collective deep breath at the same time.

That’s what we have been doing for a few days now in West Virginia as the temperatures creep above freezing and the sun finally proves that it’s still there.

With arms blocking the harsh sun from our eyes, we emerged from our burrows where we have been hiding for the better part of the past wintry months.

Okay, well maybe it wasn’t quite that drastic, but many are welcoming the change of weather.

All over town, people are running, cleaning cars and just walking around outside – activities that have been neglected since the “snowpocalypse” occurred.  And, even for a self-proclaimed winter lover, it is a nice change and looks like it will be a little warmer in the near future.

But is winter over?  I doubt it.

Sure, it’s pretty nice outside now, but if I know Morgantown winters, we’re not quite done.  I’m not saying we are in for another three feet of snow, but I won’t be surprised if we need our scarves and hats once again.

I just wanted to get my projections in early…

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