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Outdoor Education

I wanted to share a post I saw on the Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine editor’s blog.  It’s all about kids and the outdoors.

A short synopsis – Will Harlan, an editor at BRO, went to an Asheville, NC middle school to talk to some of the kids about the outdoors.  He also asked the kids to write down their most memorable outdoor experience and published these on his blog.

Here are some of the best…

  • “My favorite outdoor moment was when I was at cross country practice and we went running in the rain.”
  • “The beach is fun. I like jumping through the waves. I also like getting sand stuck to my skin after I’m wet. Fish are friends not food.”
  • “When I went caving, we had to walk through big puddles. We also saw some bats that were close enough to pet.”
  • “The reason I like the outdoors is anything outside. You can’t do as much inside like for example you cannot play football inside your house but you can play outside.”

The one thing that I noticed about most of the entries is that they were extremely positive and enthusiastic.  Basically, they remember their experiences better when they are happening outside.

Most of these students speak about the outdoors like they want to go back which, I think, solidifies the importance of outdoor education.

I wish I could have been exposed to the outdoors more in school.  Think about the opportunities – physical education, all kinds of natural science, literature possibilities, and the list goes on.

Why aren’t we encouraging the children of America to explore their surroundings more?  Let’s not throw out the classroom model, but let’s not limit the classroom to a school.

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