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Green is a Color

The “Green Revolution” is happening and no one will be left behind!

Especially not the marketing departments for skiing and snowboarding companies worldwide.

It seems like every company this year has come out with some kind of “green” gear, but is it really that green?

Let’s think about it.  After buying a new, shiny board or skis from your local gear shop you then gas up your SUV and bound through the snow for a couple hours.  After that you are pulled up the slopes on a lift that runs off of electricity generated by some kind of fossil fuel, and then you slide down a mountain on artificially made snow.

So… is a green board really going to help and how green is it anyway?

Greenest of Green

I think Omatic Snowboards probably have it right.  They came out with the EXTR-ECO (with BS technology).  This board completely throws the idea of a green company on its head with satirical graphics and an acknowledgement that this sport isn’t environmentally friendly.

Sure, there are companies who are legitimately making progress when it comes to green boards but progress is a relative term.

If skiers and snowboarders really want to make a difference, buying green products isn’t the way to go.  It can be a piece of the solution but it isn’t the solution in itself.

There needs to be a commitment from buyers, companies and resorts if we really want to make a difference.

That being said, I’m not holding my breath.

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