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2018 Olympics in West Virginia?

Imagine this…

I’m actually able to make an argument for having the winter Olympics in West Virginia.

Right now, Olympic officials are trucking snow into rainy Cypress Mountain, the official venue for the freestyle skiing and snowboarding in Vancouver.

That’s right, the winter Olympics doesn’t have enough snow.

So let’s compare some numbers.

Cypress Mountain has received about 177 inches of snow this season, which is pretty impressive, but Snowshoe Mountain, WV has received about 145 inches.

That’s a 32 inch difference, but come on, it’s cool to even be comparing West Virginia to the Olympic venue.

Hey, that's pretty close when you think about how much more snow they should have.

As far as I can tell, we can truck snow in with the best of them, so that has to put us in the running for 2018, right?

Okay, I really doubt that I’ll be driving to Snowshoe in 2018 to watch the competition, but I’m just excited that I can brag about our snow when comparing it to Canada.

We’re having an awesome winter and it looks like more snow is on the way this week.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed for closed schools and open trails.

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