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White Grass

Grass Nordic Ski Touring Center is located in Canaan Valley, a popular ski and recreation area in West Virginia.  Tucked away between two alpine ski resorts (Timberline and Canaan Valley), White Grass gives visitors a chance to test out their cross-country skills.

But there’s more to the small cross-country ski resort than meets the eye.

Since 1979, when Chip Chase and Laurie Little started developing the area now known as White Grass, it has grown into a Canaan Valley fixture.  With over 50 km of trails and 1200 vertical feet to ski, White Grass can easily compete with ski resorts in the valley.

Many hail the resort as one of the best in the world because of the unique but inviting atmosphere and dedication to quality.  Without making man-made snow, White Grass compensates by using “snow farm” techniques which make the most of the natural snowfall.

The interior of the lodge isn’t like any other run-of-the-mill resort either.  You feel like you’re at home in a sometimes crowded and uniquely decorated, but cozy area.

Part of the appeal also comes from the restaurant portion of the resort.  The food is all-natural with an emphasis on great ingredients and is known locally as one of the best places to eat.  Many patrons even come primarily for the food (I recommend the chili).

All in all, White Grass isn’t your typical ski resort.  If you aren’t looking for the cookie cutter industrial experience you often have at larger downhill resorts this might be the place for you.

Check out a multimedia piece put together during the West Virginia Uncovered immersion weekend in Canaan Valley.  Credits go to myself and Ben Hancock.

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