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Let’s go hockeying

Last night I was privileged enough to make it to a Penguins hockey game in Pittsburgh against the Buffalo Sabres.  While not a diehard hockey fan like many of the people sitting around me, I still do my best to keep up with the sport and love watching the game.

Last night though, was definitely an experience to remember.

After taking the scenic route around Pittsburgh (GPS’s aren’t perfect), we finally made it into the stadium and got to our seats to find out they were better than we could have imagined.  We were three rows away from the glass and almost parallel with the goal.

Once the game got started, the Pens jumped on the game with a goal in the first minute only to be eventually overtaken by Buffalo 2-1 at the end of the first.  The second period consisted of a Pittsburgh comeback (four goals, three of which belonged to Sidney Crosby).  The third was seemingly in hand until the last few minutes when the Pens went two men down and were only a goal ahead. Luckily we were able to pull it out 5-4.

For a more thorough recap, check out ESPN’s take on the game.

While the seats were spectacular, the game amazing and the hat trick an experience, I learned a lot about hockey fans last night too.

People don’t walk around while the game is in progress.  You wait until a timeout or you stay in your seat.

Also, while everyone is extremely friendly, you don’t want to upset anyone either.  If you’re outside the lines concerning game etiquette, someone won’t be bashful about letting you know.

And lastly, if you wear a hat to the game, be prepared to throw your hat on the rink when there’s a hat trick (or someone else might).

What I learned in the end is that hockey games aren’t a social event.  I’ve never been to another kind of game where the sport was taken so seriously (and it was refreshing).  Let’s go Pens!

The celebration starts as the hats begin to fall.

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