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Surfing the interwebs

I just thought I’d highlight two of my favorite local outdoor websites today.  Like I’ve said before, the outdoor opportunities are countless in our region but they can sometimes be hard to find.

Many of the local areas are only passed along by word of mouth and there are a lot on private land with restricted access.  Even so, there are plenty of other places to get lost in across the West Virginia and the surrounding states.

The first website I’m going to talk about is “Morgantown DIY Outdoors.”

With a nice, navigable layout, this website caters to anyone who wants to head outside.  You can choose areas from a map or choose what kind of activity you’d like to do (and there are plenty).

Once you choose your desired location, there are usually directions, descriptions, travel times and contact information.  Every once in a while you can even print off a map of the area.

This website was constructed by the Outdoor Recreation Center at West Virginia University so don’t be surprised at the WVU theme.

The next site I’ll highlight is simply called the “HikeSite.” Originally designed just to give information about the Dolly Sods area, HS has now expanded to include North Fork Mountain, Spruce Knob, Seneca Rocks and the Roaring Plains area.

The best part about this site is the interactive map of Dolly Sods.  The map includes pictures that are linked with locations throughout the wilderness area.

Both of these sources are a good starting point to plan your next trip but make sure you talk with someone who knows the area too.  First hand opinions always reveal more than maps.

If you have any other sites you think fit into the same category, let me know!

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