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Updating the Blogroll

In the outdoor world there can be a nauseating emphasis on gear.  Just take a look into the blogging world to confirm it.  Endless posts about the “new thing” litter the internet and, as a result, lose their significance.

After searching far and wide I picked out a few of the best blogs I could find.  I tried to identify a good mix of subjects but, with the huge amount of information out there, it was definitely a challenge.

Blue Ridge Outdoors – The accompanying blog to a great magazine that covers everything relevant in southeastern sports.  It’s a great resource for all of us southeasterners.

Get Outdoors – A blog that doesn’t concentrate every post on a “new revolutionary” sock.  Yes, they do look at new gear but there is usually a conversation that happens instead of a review.  If you’re looking for outdoor news and controversy, GO may be for you.

Towns and Trails – This is a northeast outdoor blog with emphasis on gear, hiking, climbing, cycling, paddling and the Adirondacks.  I expect some great news and information since the Adirondacks is such a large outdoor hub in the north.

Trailspace – This blog has a lot of gear news going on right now but also publishes important information about the environment, trips and hiking.

Backcountry Blog – I was really surprised when I started looking at this blog.  BB could have easily taken the easy way out and posted endless gear posts (since it’s an arm of Backcountry.com) but instead concentrated on industry news and the sports themselves.

The (Single) GeekHiker – A cool blog from the perspective of a single hiker.  It’s always nice to change things up with a personal outlook.

Ski the East – A blog concentrating on the ski scene in the east.  There is some really nice resort, athlete and event news.

Wild Snow – A very gear-oriented blog but has some very good reviews.

Trail Run Outlet Blog – Combining two things we all need to do more of: run and get outside.  This blog gives us a nice balance between gear and sport news.

Extreem Blog – This blog adds a little bit of adrenalin to the blogroll.  Make sure you wear a helmet if you’re going to watch some of their videos.

If you know of a jewel that I couldn’t find, let me know about it!

Also, I updated the “About” page to give my blog a little bit more focus.  Feel free to check it out.

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